Networks Improving Patients Outcomes

We support three networks that demonstrate how healthcare operations and patient outcomes can be improved.


Networks improving patient outcomes

Each network employs slightly different methodologies but all work collaboratively to accelerate the rate of change.

The Alliance for Integrated Medication Management (AIMM) works with federal agencies, 400 community-based healthcare teams and 900 partners to integrate team-based medication management aimed at high-risk, high-cost patients suffering multiple chronic health conditions.

The Healthcare Value Network (HVN) helps leaders from 60 health systems in the United States and Canada to focus on providing high-quality, cost-effective care through the application of lean concepts.

The Ohio Children's Hospital Solutions for Patient Safety (OCHSPS) initiative is a network of children's hospitals working together to promote safer care for children by measuring and reducing preventable adverse outcomes. What started as a network of eight Ohio children's hospitals has now expanded to 79 children's hospital across the country working to eliminate all preventable harm.