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Good4Growth™ is a partnership that brings practical tools and tips to help caregivers, and anyone who touches the life of a child, give kids the best start in life.  Our team includes health care providers, dietitians, pharmacists, the business community, and many others who are helping to spread the word in local communities. We hope you join us. Read more »

Cardinal Health is working with key partners to assure parents, early childhood educators, mentors, teachers and anyone who touches the life of a child knows they can make a significant difference in a child’s health and development.

Cardinal Health is going upstream… Helping children develop to their fullest potential and, long-term, reducing chronic diseases.

How we live our lives and how we raise our children makes a big difference in our long-term health. The exciting news is access to good nutrition, creative play and caring adults not only leads to better health but also shapes a child’s personality and helps them to be more resilient and more successful in school. And, even more encouraging – it is never too late to begin.

All can play a role.

Our work is done in partnership with the following organizations: