Generation Rx

Cardinal Health is committed to helping communities address prescription drug misuse. Any medication has the potential to do harm – especially when misused. In the past month, more than 6 million Americans ages 12 and older have taken a prescription medication for non-medical reasons.


Thank you for your interest in the Cardinal Health Foundation’s Generation Rx Program.

Since 2009, the Cardinal Health Foundation has invested over $5.3 million in partnerships and grants across the country to raise awareness and knowledge about the dangers of prescription drug misuse through the Generation Rx program. Please visit our Generation Rx site, in partnership with The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy, to learn more about the national issue of prescription drug misuse and access our free, ready-to-download resources to help you educate people of all ages in your community about safe medication practices.

An independent pharmacist uses Generation Rx resources to build a collaborative prevention program in East Tennessee

Generation Rx Grant Program

The Cardinal Health Foundation is committed to supporting prevention programming and medication safety education in large and small communities across the country. The annual Generation Rx Grant Program supports non-profit organizations committed to bringing prescription drug misuse awareness and prevention education to all audiences in their communities. In 2016, we sought proposals supporting promotion and education efforts associated with community medication disposal programs.

Successful proposals achieved the following grant objectives:  

  • Increased awareness of the disposal program and increase participation of community members in the program.
  • Increased awareness of how to prevent prescription medication misuse, and the importance of disposing of unused/expired medications in preventing misuse.
  • The involvement of youth and pharmacists or student pharmacists in the disposal program. The more involvement the better and the broader the collaboration, the better.
  • Measurement of the impact and outcomes of the disposal program(s), promotion efforts and education efforts. Determine successes, areas for improvement and opportunities (if any) for potentially scaling up and spreading successful programs to other communities.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2016 Generation Rx Grant Program; the application is now closed. We received many great proposals and are excited about implementing strategies that reduce prescription drug misuse. Stay tuned for a list of the awarded grantees.

If you would like to receive email communications regarding future Generation Rx grant opportunities, please send your contact information to, using the email subject header: Generation Rx Grant Program communications.

The 2017 Request for Proposal will be available by mid-December 2016.

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Medication Disposal Grant Request for Proposal Guidelines and Instructions

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Medication Disposal Grant Frequently Asked Questions

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