Cardinal Health recognizes the differences our employees bring to the workplace.

We leverage the unique ideas and perspectives of our employees to create an inclusive work environment. You can find a rewarding career that allows you to make a positive impact on customers and communities.

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By leveraging Employee Resource Groups, Cardinal Health strives to mirror the marketplace in which we serve.

At Cardinal Health, we recognize the differences our employees bring to the workplace, and we leverage their unique contributions, ideas and perspectives to create an inclusive work environment. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a vital resource for both our business and our workforce. ERGs provide our employees a place where likeminded individuals who share interests, passions, and a common bond or background, can come together to offer support  and encouragement.

These ERGs also contribute essential business insights into our customer populations and the changing demographics of the marketplace. In both ways, ERGs make Cardinal Health a better place by providing an excellent platform to understand the professional, personal and business goals of our diverse workforce, while utilizing their insights to facilitate a way to better serve our customers.

The African American Network is dedicated to creating and fostering a culture that supports development, recruitment, and retention for the African American constituency and to promoting a holistic representation of our workforce through community service within the communities that we live.

The mission of the Asian Pacific American Network is to develop and retain Asian Pacific American employees at Cardinal Health through networking, mentoring and other career development programs; to add value to customers, suppliers, and the community through service and other forms of outreach; and to advance the global growth and diversity agendas of Cardinal Health.

The mission of the Disability Advocates Network is to build awareness at Cardinal Health around the inclusion of people with disabilities through education and support program initiatives for employees and their family members.

The mission of the Equality Network is to influence Cardinal Health in achieving a fully inclusive culture that embraces equality, creates an engaged workforce, and ensures the development of LGBT employees.

The mission of the Hispanic American Network is to promote the Hispanic culture within Cardinal Health so as to enrich our work environment, develop leaders, raise awareness and actively participate in becoming a premier diversity company.

The vision of the Veterans and Military Advocates Network is to foster an environment in which Cardinal Health leverages its military veterans and advocates to help build on the company's reputation of service in the eyes of Cardinal Health employees, customers and the community.

The mission of the Women's Initiative Network is to foster partnerships which create a great place for women to work and grow their careers, while building a sustainable competitive advantage for Cardinal Health.

Inside and outside our walls…

An inclusive business environment and a diverse supplier base foster collaboration that leads to innovative solutions, adds jobs and strengthens local economies.