Cardinal Health - Company Background

Cardinal Health is a dynamic and publicly listed top 50 global company specializing in healthcare services and wholesale distribution.

Founded in 1971, Cardinal Health has become a leader in the healthcare services sector. The company serves more than 60,000 healthcare sites daily and has over 50,000 customers in North America. One-third of all distributed pharmaceutical, laboratory and medical products in the U.S. and Puerto Rico flow through the Cardinal Health supply chain.

Our values

  • We are tenacious in fulfilling our commitments to customers.
  • We are accountable for high performance and to each other.
  • We are inventive and adaptable.
  • We bring a sense of optimism, enthusiasm and competitive spirit to our work.
  • We are genuine, open, direct and respectful.
  • We can be trusted to do the right thing.
  • We are inclusive and work together with confidence and trust.

The Cardinal Health mission

As the business behind healthcare, Cardinal Health is a major service provider for the North American healthcare industry. Cardinal Health focuses on making healthcare more cost-effective. We work with pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgery centers and clinical labs – basically anywhere healthcare services are offered. Products provided include prescription drugs, medical and surgical products, including gloves, surgical apparel and fluid management products. We are an essential link that allows healthcare providers to reduce costs, improve operations and increase quality, so that they can offer better care to their patients.

Cardinal Health history at a glance

Mr. Robert D. Walter founds Cardinal Foods, Inc as a food wholesaler. The purchase of Bailey Drug Company (Zanesville, Ohio, US) sees Cardinal move into drug wholesaling. The company is renamed Cardinal Distribution, Inc. Ongoing expansion through mergers and acquisitions after 1980 helps the company enter new markets and business streams. The company becomes listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is renamed Cardinal Health to identify more closely with the healthcare industry. From 2000 to 2008, the company’s global presence is enhanced by the launch of the Cardinal Health corporate brand worldwide. Mergers and acquisitions continue and a leading position in nuclear pharmacy, pharmaceutical and medical services is established. After 2008, the acquisition of Borschow Hospital & Medical Supplies, Kinray, Inc. and a specialty pharmaceutical services company provides additional capabilities that enable the company to continue to expand. The acquisition of Yong Yu, now Cardinal Health China in 2010, creates platform for the company's growth in the Chinese market.