Events and Media

  • Cardinal Health Chongqing Pharmacist Salon
    The salon provides professional and development activities that integrate health care trends, including customized programs and training.
  • Cardinal Health Hubei helps to improve pharmacy management
    The Prescription Automatic Screening System (PASS), set up for the Union Hospital Wuhan by Cardinal Health Hubei has officially been brought into use.
  • Cardinal Health Beijing hosted Academic Conference & salon
  • Cardinal Health China forest adds to greener living with Roots and Shoots
  • Efficient response to overseas emergency aid
  • Sun Village Winter clothes donation to local villages in Beijing


June 2, 2012

May 1, 2012

October 15, 2012


  • Asia Society's 2011 Corporate Survey awards Cardinal Health
  • Government accolades for Cardinal Health China
  • Accolades for Cardinal Health (Shanghai) Logistics Co. Ltd. for top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai