Cardinal Health Chongqing

A part of Cardinal Health China, Cardinal Health Chongqing is a leading healthcare distributor and service provider, leveraging our quality operations, innovative service philosophy, efficient management, and dedicated sales teams to become a benchmark for the industry in the Chongqing area. We provide value-added services for customers, a stable return on investment for shareholders, and an exciting development platform for our employees.

Company overview

Cardinal Health Chongqing is focused on the provision of high-quality pharmaceutical and healthcare distribution, offering a comprehensive and competitive range of business solutions covering the whole supply chain. The company was established in 2007 as the first foreign pharmaceutical joint venture in Chongqing. In 2010, following the acquisition of parent company Yong Yu by major US healthcare services provider Cardinal Health, the company became part of Cardinal Health China.

As a Cardinal Health China local direct distribution company, Cardinal Health Chongqing integrates international management with local market needs, providing storage and distribution services for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic reagents, and cosmetics. Operations are conducted from a modern business center in Chongqing and a 2,300-square meter warehouse in Erlang Hi-tech Entrepreneurship Park.

Work is carried out in strict accordance with GSP and international quality management standards, including ISO 9001. In 2010, Cardinal Health Chongqing joined the Chongqing Food and Drug Administration’s online drugs management system and the company has set up a special task force for uploading the required data and managing information flows.

The company continuously seeks to innovate and keep abreast of the latest developments while quality assurance and safety are essential elements of our approach to business success. In line with the Cardinal Health China brand, the company is determined to play a leading role in the development of quality healthcare services nationally by adhering to excellence and striving to create win-win partnerships.


Chong Qing Medicinal Development Company established in affiliation with Chongqing Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau

May 2007
Chongqing Langning partners Zuellig Pharma to establish Chongqing Yong Yu Co., Ltd, the first commercial joint-venture pharmaceutical enterprise in Chongqing

Adhering to international management standards, Chongqing Yong Yu Co., Ltd provides high-quality services for local customers

December 2002
Renamed Chong Qing Longing Pharmaceutical Development Corporation Limited after corporate restructuring

November 2010
The company is acquired by Cardinal Health

Key advantages

Effective warehousing solutions

Provision of top logistics services and management, with strict adherence to Good Storage and Distribution Practice (GSDP) specifications.

Customer-oriented service philosophy

Customized solutions and value-added services in line with customers’ needs and the evolving business environment. In-depth insight using market research and data analysis on the latest developments.

Comprehensive system support

Cutting-edge systems providing a comprehensive and transparent information technology service platform for customers. Advanced capabilities to capture data and facilitate order and marketing analysis and reports.

Continuous innovation

Ongoing investment in development, including direct-to-patient (DTP) services, healthcare supply chain advances, and expansion of distribution provision.

Stability and integrity
The company conducts business according to international quality standards to ensure a firm foundation for operations and future development. We keep to the most stringent international standards, including the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the British Bribery Act and Chinese Anti-bribery Law.

Efficient bidding and tendering
Insightful product price analysis and tender price strategies through effective pricing and bidding processes, our wide-reaching information database, and incisive analysis.

Reliable management
International best practices in our management and operations, with key performance indicators strictly followed and continuous improvement programs initiated in our workflow processes.

What we offer

Pharmacist Salon

Founded in 2007 and co-hosted with the Chongqing Pharmaceutical Association, the Pharmacist Salon organizes professional and development exchange and training activities to keep the industry up to date with healthcare trends. The Pharmacist Salon has become widely recognized within the industry.

Direct-to-patient pharmacy services

Our direct-to-patient pharmacy promotes communication and education activities, and strengthens patient data management. A customer service center (including customer care hotline) is available, along with services jointly launched with third party charity organizations.

Industry recognition

  • Permanent council member of the Chongqing Pharmaceutical Profession Association for two consecutive years
  • Provides direct consultation and data on the pharmaceutical industry to the Ministry of Commerce
  • Recognized by the State Food and Drug Administration and Chongqing Food and Drug Administration as a role model enterprise for the Jiulongpo District.

Our commitment

  • 24-hour service hotline: 134.5230.6166
  • Two-hour immediate response
  • 24-hour emergency response to incidents