As the tenth local direct distribution company of Cardinal Health China, Cardinal Health Dalian is devoted to the integration of the pharmaceutical supply chain, high quality service and innovation, constantly improving distribution efficiency and the use of pharmaceutical products. The company maintains a market-oriented and customer-oriented philosophy in our operations and our people are our core competitive advantage.

Company Overview

Founded in June 1988, Cardinal Health Dalian (formerly known as Dalian Zhongda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) is the first foreign pharmaceutical joint venture in Dalian. In October 2013, it was acquired by Cardinal Health, a US Fortune 500 company and Top 50 global company, becoming Cardinal Health China's second local distributor in Northeast China.

Cardinal Health Dalian focuses on talent development and training and is devoted to building a company structure with a knowledge-based, dynamic, and professional team. Our people constitute the company's core competitive advantage and ensure sustainable growth of the company.

With the cutting-edge pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service system, Cardinal Health Dalian offers complete services and attaches importance to communication with customers at all levels and in all areas to accurately understand and meet their needs and wants. We closely monitor market trends, organize diverse training/ developmental opportunities, maintain effective communications within the company, and are committed to providing customers with a comprehensive range of services.


June 1988
Dalian Zhongda Pharmaceutical and Chemical Development Company established in Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone (DETDZ) in affiliation with China National Pharmaceutical Group. 

December 2003
Re-named Dalian ZhongdaPharma Co., Ltd.after corporate restructuring.

August 2009
Re-named Dalian Zhongda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 

May 1997
Moves to downtown Dalian from DETDZ. Re-named Sinopharm Dalian ZhongdaPharma Company.

February 2007  
Receives vaccine business license from the Liaoning Food and Drug Administration.

October 2013
Joins Cardinal Health and becomes the first joint venture pharmaceutical company in Dalian.

Key advantages

Customer-oriented philosophy

We track market trends to accurately understand and meet customer needs and provide all-around services for customers at different levels.

Renowned reputation

We put drug safety and service standards as the core of our operation. We are fully compliant with international standards and we enjoy a solid reputation and recognition within the industry as well as among the general public.


We handle an extensive range of products, including Chinese-patented drugs, drug materials, antibiotics, bio-chemical drugs, biological products, Class II psychotropic drugs, medicinal toxic drugs, vaccines, and various medical devices.

Cold-chain management

We fully conform to the standard operating procedures of the Good Supply Practice (GSP) quality system. Our facilities include standardized cold storage, refrigerated vehicles, and automatic temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

Vaccine operations

Approved by the Liaoning Food and Drug Administration in February 2007, the company became the pioneer operator in vaccine sales, promotion, and distribution in Dalian with a vaccine products license. In subsequent years, we established a sales network covering Liaoning, which is powered by a seasoned marketing team that excels in marketing planning, academic promotion, and terminal sales.

What we offer

Wide-reaching sales network

We engage in drug and vaccine sales in hospitals, pharmacy chain store distribution, commercial distribution, retail, and medical device agent service. Our sales network covers the main cities in Liaoning.

Cold chain logistics service

When focusing on local vaccine sales, the company provides high-quality and full-range cold chain logistics services for hundreds of vaccination clinics and has formed a network centered in Dalian, covering Liaoning and radiating throughout the whole northeast.

Direct-to-Patient (DTP) pharmacy

Our DTP pharmacies enable us to reach out for patients and consumers directly to offer a wide range of healthcare services, including home delivery, patient data management, customer service center, and other terminal services.

Industry recognition

  • Provides direct consultation and data on the pharmaceutical industry to the Ministry of Commerce
  • Recognized by the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Dalian as "The Reliable Enterprise in Compliance with the Labor and Social Security Laws and Regulations in 2012"