Committed to high standards and quality provision, Cardinal Health Hubei delivers innovative healthcare services and advanced distribution centers that answer the needs of top pharmaceutical manufacturers. Added-value options include market analysis and hospital targeting. Premier cold-chain management is another key feature of our provision.

Company overview

The current company was established in 2007, becoming the first foreign-invested healthcare distributor in the province. In 2010, it became part of leading healthcare solutions provider Cardinal Health China, which combines dynamic international management expertise with in-depth China market know-how to provide comprehensive and reliable healthcare distribution services.

Cardinal Health Hubei’s experienced team of professionals has built solid business relationships around the country while long-term cooperation with hospitals and retail pharmacies has created a strong foundation and vibrant partnerships for business growth. Work is carried out according to international quality standards, with the company awarded ISO9001:2008 certification in 2010.

The company is now set to rapidly move forward, bringing further innovation and excellence to the healthcare distribution sector in Hubei and nationally.


December 2006
Acquisition of Hubei Zhi Xiang approved by the provincial Food and Drug Administration

April 2007
Obtains business license

Rapid development through improving and consolidating information and operational systems

Aligns with direction of healthcare reforms to increase core service capabilities

March 2007
Acquisition approved by PRC Ministry of Commerce

Becomes first foreign-invested joint-venture pharmaceutical distributor in Hubei province

May 2007
Company renamed and business officially starts

Introduces new processes and value-added services to develop business streams

November 2010
Cardinal Health announces the successful acquisition of parent company Yong Yu, now Cardinal Health China


Our goals

We are committed to being one of the top five healthcare service providers in Hubei, through comprehensive, efficient market coverage, supported by advanced information systems and operational processes, and innovative solutions to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Our strategy

Our focus is centered on in-depth coverage of the Wuhan hospital market, with expansion into secondary markets within the province through ongoing development of diverse business streams.

Our actions

  • Provision of top standards of operation in our core distribution services and front-running value-added services, including market analysis, hospital targeting and advancement of mutually beneficial cooperation with customers.
  • Service differentiation by constantly seeking to discover and meeting customer needs through the development of front-running services.
  • Strong emphasis on quality as a key service goal to establish the company as Hubei’s leading healthcare service provider.

Key advantages

Leading principals and customized services

Working together with global pharmaceutical manufacturers, Cardinal Health Hubei distributes an impressive range of imported branded healthcare products as well as providing tailor-made value-added services for healthcare institutions at all levels.

Operational transparency

Dedicated to openness, the company offers reliable and mutually beneficial working partnerships for both principals and customers through its efficient, integrated management system.

Strategic location

Operating to top industry standards within Hubei and beyond, the company has become the preferred distributor in China’s central region for numerous healthcare and cold chain products.

What we offer

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Over 15 years’ distribution experience in China’s healthcare market.
  • Strong government and hospital relations to enable the company to rapidly and effectively assimilate and respond to regulatory and policy changes.
  • Rigorous compliance, transparency in operations, and adherence to international anti-corruption standards are core values.
  • Value-added services and pioneering services that are in line with the changing business environment and tailored to the specific needs of pharmaceutical customers.



  • Emphasis on cost-reduction and operational efficiency to enable hospitals to provide better service to patients.
  • Delivery of high-quality healthcare solutions for patients.

Direct-to-patient pharmacy services

Our welcoming retail pharmacies enable Cardinal Health Hubei to reach patients and consumers directly, offering 24-hour vending and a range of patient care services.

24-hour Service Hotline:  139 9562 0106  139 9562 0750  139 9562 0671