A part of nationally established Cardinal Health China, Cardinal Health Liaoning provides highly competitive, quality logistics services to all stakeholders in the Liaoning region.

The company offers leading procurement and sales services, with a strong emphasis on transparency, cost-effective operations and efficiency. We continuously seek to evolve along with the requirements of the healthcare sector, and to align our resources to meet those needs.

Company overview

Cardinal Health Liaoning is the first foreign-invested healthcare distributor covering northeast China. The company was first acquired in 2006 by then parent company Yong Yu. The company became part of Cardinal Health China in 2010 following the acquisition of Yong Yu by Cardinal Health, a US Fortune 500 company and top 50 global company.

As a Cardinal Health China local direct distribution company, Cardinal Health Liaoning seeks to integrate international management and business practices with local market needs to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. Committed to reliable, quality services that fulfill the requirements of global pharmaceutical manufacturers, the company operates an advanced logistics distribution center and offers leading cold-chain management. Cardinal Health Liaoning adheres to international quality management standards, including ISO 9001:2008.

With our proactive approach and win-win attitude, Cardinal Health Liaoning’s experienced team develops long-term relationships with hospitals, retail drugstores, and other major industry stakeholders to drive business forward, ensure timely and accurate product delivery, and boost sales.


May 2006
Liaoning Zhongjian New Pharmaceuticals Agent Co., Ltd acquired 

October 2008
Registered capital increases from RMB4.5 million to RMB15 million

July 2010
Receives health food business license 

November 2006
Advanced logistics center becomes operational 

December 2009  
Obtains medical device business license
Achieves ISO 9001:2008 

November 2010
Joins Cardinal Health

Key advantages

Cardinal Health Liaoning’s established presence and local experience, wide sales network coverage, advanced information management systems and strong government relations enable the company to deliver comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions for multinational pharmaceutical suppliers.

Value creation
Effective solution-building for customers, career development for employees, and accomplishment of sales targets to benefit all shareholders.

Open and transparent management, clear communication and dedication to compliance.

Focus on advancing the goals of customers, principals, suppliers, partners and the company.

Dedicated to meeting customers’ expectations and trying our best every day, committed to employees and shareholders.

Drive for continuous improvement, constant innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

What we offer

Customized services for customers and ongoing expansion of business scope and product lines

Based on a wealth of industry knowledge and in-depth understanding of the local market, Cardinal Health Liaoning fully comprehends the business requirements of our customers and can design effective solutions to improve operational performance.

Advanced operating systems and efficient management

Cardinal Health Liaoning conforms to China’s Good Supply Practice for Pharmaceutical Products (GSP) and international quality control standard ISO 9001. We guarantee timely arrival of goods, and continuously seek to improve to maximize customer satisfaction, expand local sales, and increase market share.

Integrated service planning
The company combines international management standards, operational processes, brand strategy and best practices to increase awareness of overseas business and local market perspectives, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Direct to Patient pharmacy services
Cardinal Health's Direct to Patient (DTP) retail pharmacy provides manufacturers and patients or consumers with a great opportunity for face-to-face contact. Such interaction facilitates training, professional patient-care services and creates a greater understanding of patient needs.