Cardinal Health Shanghai is committed to providing high-quality pharmacy and healthcare distribution services to the Shanghai area.

We are dedicated to excellence and innovative solution-building in healthcare marketing and logistics services, supported by advanced facilities, information systems, and a forward-looking management team. The success of our approach has seen more than 800 domestic and multinational customers choose Cardinal Health Shanghai as their healthcare distribution provider.

Company overview

First established in 2005, the company joined Cardinal Health and became Cardinal Health Shanghai in 2010. Cardinal Health Shanghai delivers essential, world-class healthcare services and products to the Shanghai market. Products handled include drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and traditional Chinese medicines. Our reach extends to more than 800 customers and close to 95% coverage of secondary and tertiary-level hospitals in the city, with annual sales continuing to increase rapidly.

Strong relationships, value-added services and a dedication to industry best practice and innovation have all assisted in swiftly building Cardinal Health Shanghai’s market presence. Our experienced teams ensure leading distribution services and market analysis tailored to the needs of customers and suppliers in Shanghai. We also play a significant role in managing relationships between customers and suppliers, partnering many major Chinese and overseas companies to build reliable, mutually beneficial solutions.


August 2005
Yong Yu Shanghai established 

Business covers most hospitals in Shanghai 

Corporate ranking within industry rises quickly due to rapid business development 

Acquired by Cardinal Health

December 2005
Cooperation with Schering Plough and expansion into over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
Becomes the exclusive logistics service provider for Roche Diagnostics 

Succeeds in the move from distribution only to direct selling

Becomes a medium-sized pharmaceutical company
Introduces exclusive distribution products, expanding the original business model



Cardinal Health Shanghai seeks to become a top five company in the local pharmaceutical market over the medium term. In line with this, we are leveraging our quality, value-added services, strong brand and innovative approach to raise our corporate profile and highlight our competitive edge.


We aim to respond rapidly to evolving healthcare sector demands and continue to enhance our operational standards. We seek to reduce costs, strengthen our logistics services, work toward diversified business development and provide cutting-edge solutions in order to lead the way. We also work closely with Cardinal Health China to increase the competitiveness of the company overall.


  • Continue to draw and expand relationships with top manufacturers through a clear strategy, advanced business practices and quality management. Gain further respect and trust from customers through continuous improvement.
  • Build and enhance relationships with hospitals through our competitive approach and added-value services to extend coverage in this area.
  • Expand our business through the introduction of new products, a wider range of medical devices and retail pharmacy services, and by increasing our logistics operations in order to evolve into a large-scale, integrated wholesale and retail healthcare distributor.


Key advantages

Strong relationships

Cardinal Health Shanghai has a mature commercial network and has built up solid customer relations to become a premier service provider in pharmaceutical distribution.

Dynamic service

Our international management team and high operating standards enable the company to deliver advanced logistics and distribution services, with value-added services in healthcare data management, customized logistics, and patient-care solutions.

Implementing best practices

The company works to best operational practices and standards of compliance, and is ready to pioneer leading solutions in response to changes in the business operating environment. Training on standards of business conduct and mind-set are also continuously provided.

What we offer

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

  • Established local presence and capability to service major pharmaceutical manufacturers in market development through the provision of comprehensive, quality healthcare distribution and added-value services.
  • Aim to develop in-market teams to promote sales expansion for customers, and to work together with partners on marketing to achieve a win-win situation.
  • Go-to-market support, including bidding, tendering, and hospital listing.
  • Compliance, transparency in operations, and rigorous adherence to international anti-corruption standards are corporate core values.


  • Build communication between manufacturers, hospital executives and departments.
  • Continuous improvement in operational efficiency and service quality to enable hospitals to provide better services to their patients.