A part of Cardinal Health China, Cardinal Health Wuxi is committed to continuously improving overall services and performance to maintain and extend our position as a leading healthcare distributor in East China.

With a focus on quality and valued-added services, we seek to answer the demands of China's fast-evolving pharmaceutical market and set the pace with our comprehensive reach, forward-looking management, and innovative range of business models for principals and customers.

Company overview

First established in 1976, Cardinal Health Wuxi is a leading distributor of Chinese and western pharmaceutical products in the East China region. Built on flexibility and responsive business solutions, the company handles an extensive range of products, including Chinese patented drugs, traditional Chinese medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals (BPC), chemical medicine materials, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products, Class II psychotropic drugs, Class II and Class III medical apparatus and instruments, and cosmetics.

With a history of more than 30 years, Cardinal Health Wuxi has established a strong sales network covering over 190 customers around the region, including major hospitals. 

Powered by its people-oriented philosophy and optimization of talent, the company’s dynamic management team ensures efficient, innovative services based on customer needs and provides a strong foundation for growth and ongoing development as a part of Cardinal Health China.


Company founded, with Chinese herbal medicine as its core business and 10 employees.

Shenzhen San-jiu Medical Chain Co., Ltd buys company. Renamed Wuxi City San-jiu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

20011 March
Moves to Jinxing Technology Park, Wuxi, in operational upgrade.

Revamp sees Wuxi Xishan Medicine Co., Ltd established.

Shenzhen San-jiu Medical Chain Co., Ltd transfers 70% equity. Company becomes Wuxi City Xishan Medicine Co., Ltd.

20101 August
Joins Cardinal Health China and develops strategic partnerships.

Key advantages

Integrated vision

  • Unified management operations, procedures, corporate culture and brand strategy
  • Technology localization know-how

Highly competitive outlook

  • Full use of resources to provide specialized services, carry out multiple product lines, build the brand, improve competitiveness, and create core value
  • Works to top industry and Good Supply Practice quality standards
  • Comprehensive management system provides a solid foundation for rapid development of the company
  • Proactive response to market changes, innovative business models and integrated operations
  • Pioneering value-added services for suppliers and customers to meet healthcare needs
  • Ongoing talent development program and focus on staff career development to build and retain team strength


Wide-reaching service network

  • Influential player with major share of the local pharmaceutical market
  • Established for three decades
  • Works closely with major domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies
  • Sales network that covers large-scale local comprehensive hospitals and hospitals at all levels in the surrounding area

Leading logistics facilities

  • 4,600-square-meter warehouse with cold room (including a herbal medicine warehouse), offering a 24-hour monitoring system, automatic controls, alarm, temperature and humidity recording
  • 140 cubic meters of cold storage fulfilling requirements for biological and blood products
  • Implementation of RFID electronic tagging system
  • Refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers and other cold chain transportation equipment
  • Full compliance with national regulations on pharmaceutical quality management specifications and Good Supply Practice

Advanced information management

  • Real-time data on drug procurement, sales flows and drug inventory
  • ERP information system enabling dynamic inventory management, remote access for sales teams, and top efficiency for customers

Corporate social responsibility

2011 Community leukemia donation


2009 Ongoing funding for children from rural areas

2008 Wenchuan earthquake donation



March 2012 Wuxi Advanced Commercial and Trade Distribution Enterprise

January 2012 Wuxi AAA Credit Enterprise