Who we serve

Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Cardinal Health China: Your route to market
    Cardinal Health is your trusted, go-to-market partner. We enable healthcare in China by providing essential, world-class healthcare services and products.
  • Pharma Solutions


Through the DTP retail platform, Cardinal Health China directly reaches patients and consumers with its professional services focuses on tumor, chronic diseases and rare diseases patients.

  • Cardinal Health Pharmacies
    • Cardinal Health Shanghai Pharmacy
    • Cardinal Health Chengdu Pharmacy
  • Consumer healthcare products
    • Dermocosmetics
    • OTC products
    • Babycare

Healthcare providers

  • Clinical trials logistics
  • Channel Management Intelligence – Data services
  • Vaccines distribution for Center for Disease Control


  • China’s first foreign healthcare distributor
  • Improve market best practices and drive for industry service excellence
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • In 2010, the Cardinal Health China branch in Chongqing joined the Chongqing Food and Drug Administration’s online drugs management system.