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Meet Our Veterans

Meet Ruben, Security Manager

My role

I manage the substance testing program for the company. I advise management in the field in dealing with substance abuse issues, such as impairment on the job, random drug tests, Breath Alcohol Tests (BATs), post-accident tests, positive results and their consequences. I also lead our Security Solutions initiative, under which we provide our independent pharmacy customers with the benefit of our security-related experience and expertise. I am also responsible for security in our Dublin facilities, managing a team of receptionists, telephone operators and about 50 part-time security officers. Finally, I assist our Talent Acquisition team in adjudicating applicant background check reports.

Making the transition

From the beginning, my boss made sure that I had the opportunity to attend training events as well as conferences, to help me grow in my knowledge and expertise. After a 23-year military career, the transition to “corporate America” was challenging. But my manager took the time to mentor me, and with patience and support, helped me learn how a large corporation works, especially one as complex as Cardinal Health. I was given the opportunity to interact with a variety of people, from senior executives to the newest, youngest warehouse worker.

A team effort

The most satisfying aspect of my work is being part of a team. I love the concept of turning group effort into group success and really believe that the best results are achieved when people work together. I am fortunate to be part of a team made up of highly motivated and professional individuals, all of whom care deeply about each other and about the success of this great company.

Employee-friendly culture

Many companies talk about how employee-friendly they are; Cardinal Health actually lives this every day. In my day-to-day work, I am always amazed at our culture, which always gives employees the benefit of the doubt, regardless of circumstances, and which strives to ensure they feel like they are valued and respected – from the supervisors and directors of operations, to the HR business partners and our security team – all recognize that people are what make a company great, and treat employees accordingly.

Meet Patricia, Collections Coordinator

My role

I work for the collections department, in government, with the DOD contracts. I work closely with an intermediary entity to ensure that the purchasing process flows smoothly from the time the order is placed to the receipt of delivery. I am a troubleshooter, in contact with customers, a customer’s onsite representative, vendors, receiving management and more. My clients are both domestic and international, and all have unique needs and capabilities. In essence, I am an ambassador of Cardinal Health, ensuring that if our customers have an error within the ordering process, it is resolved as quickly and as painlessly for them as possible.

Making the transition

My career path into Cardinal Health was through the Veterans Professional Advancement Course, followed by utilizing networking opportunities and an exploratory meeting. I was offered a position that not only fits me perfectly, but also offers the breadth of knowledge I was eager to gain about Cardinal Health as a multi-faceted company. I’ve been with the company for a short time, but I very much look forward to being involved with the Veterans and Military Advocates Network. I am excited to be able to participate in and give back to the program that understood and appreciated my military experience.

Warm and welcoming

I really appreciate the warm, welcoming environment. As soon as I started, I felt very much at home, and welcomed by all of my co-workers. I admire Cardinal Health’s values, especially since healthcare is so very important to our society. It makes me proud to work for a company that focuses not only on the bottom line, but on operating with integrity and honesty, too. I also admire Cardinal Health’s inclusive environment, understanding that a well-balanced employee pool leads to a well-balanced company.

Feeling valued

Cardinal Health highly values its employees and provides every avenue of support you could hope for. From the paid time off program to competitive insurance policies and personal development, there are many selling points for this company. It is also an honor to be a part of a team that is well known to be of the highest caliber. That knowledge provides the motivation to be the very best you can be personally and professionally.