To navigate the winds
of change in healthcare,
you need wings.

We can help you improve patient outcomes and reduce cost of care.


Cardinal Health delivers best-in-class healthcare logistics solutions, thanks to one of the largest dedicated distribution networks in the world. Our warehouses, connected by a fleet of 1,000+ vehicles, enable us to deliver more than 95 percent of all orders to health systems within 24 hours, and to retailers within two days or less.


Our vast experience along the healthcare continuum has led us to proven business solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, manufacturers, and practices of all sizes. Cardinal Health brings a unique combination of distinctive insight, innovative technology, and heritage of healthcare experience.


We offer a broad portfolio of products to hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and consumers worldwide, from branded and generic pharmaceuticals to medical consumables and physician-preferred items. We provide more than 80,000 laboratory products to more than 3,000 labs, and serve 1.8 million patients with 40,000 home healthcare items.


Cardinal Health Patient Solutions connects patients, providers, payers, pharmacists, and manufacturers for seamless care coordination and better patient management. We help our customers reduce readmissions, lower costs, enhance adherence, and improve patient outcomes.


Our unrivaled scale and focused approach lead to better solutions and lower costs across the whole healthcare continuum.


We welcome new challenges, anticipate trends, and as Wings, we bring support, speed, and mile-high vision to all our partners and customers.

Watch how this makes us Essential to Care™.

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