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Replacement Wheelchair Armrests, Desk Length, CAAR20076R

Replacement Wheelchair Armrests, Desk Length

Instructions for Use

General Care:

To ensure that your armrests have a long service life, inspect them regularly and follow these general maintenance tips:

Wipe metal parts with a clean, soft cloth at least once a week. All metal parts can be cleaned with auto wax or similar products. If exposed to moisture, dry immediately. Do not use an abrasive cleanser that will scratch the finish. Use mild soap and water when cleaning vinyl arm pads. NEVER use ammonia-based cleaning solutions on arm pads, which may cause them to loosen or crack.

To ensure the best service from your product, contact Cardinal Health at 1-877-227-3462 for more information. DO NOT use non-Cardinal HealthTM parts.


Do Not Attempt To Install Or Use Your Wheelchair Armrests Without Reading All Instructions Carefully. Failure To Follow Instructions May Result In Injury.

Consult with your healthcare provider if:

  • you require additional instruction on the proper use of this product.
  • you have any disability or physical limitation or are taking any medication that could cause interference with the safe use of this product.

Prior to use, and following any repairs or adjustments, ensure that all attaching hardware is securely tightened and that all push buttons are completely engaged. Failure to do so may result in injury or damage.

Do not attempt to attach armrests while chair is in use.

Ensure that armrest push buttons are fully engaged before use.

If any component of this product is damaged or missing, discontinue use immediately. Contact Cardinal Health at 1-877-227-3462 for repair and/or appropriate replacement parts. DO NOT use non-Cardinal HealthTM parts.

Use Cardinal HealthTM accessories only. The use of other manufacturers' accessories can result in an improper fit and risk of fall and/or injury.

Failure to follow the above instructions may result in serious injury and/or damage to the product. Cardinal Health assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by improper installation, assembly, or use of this product.



(2) Desk-length wheelchair armrests

To Remove Armrest:

  1. Press and hold the armrest push button, located at the front of the armrest, while pulling straight up on the armrest.
  2. Repeat for the other armrest.

To Install Armrest:

  1. Position armrest over front and rear armrest sockets, ensuring that the end with push button faces front.
  2. Slide both ends of the armrest into the sockets simultaneously until the push button is fully engaged in the arm socket hole. Button is engaged when it fully protrudes through the hole in the bracket and an audible click is heard.
  3. Repeat for the other armrest.