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Replacement Wheelchair Front Casters, CACST001R

Replacement Wheelchair Casters, 8 in. (weight capacity: 300 lb.)


General Care:

To ensure that your casters have a long service life, inspect them regularly and follow these general maintenance tips:

Wipe metal parts with a clean, soft cloth at least once a week. All metal parts can be cleaned with auto wax or similar products. If exposed to moisture, dry immediately. Do not use an abrasive cleanser that will scratch the finish.

Check casters and lubricate as needed. Lubricate by removing fork and greasing caster stem bearings with high-quality multi-purpose grease. Lubricate wheel bearings by removing wheel from fork. Reassemble fork and wheel by tightening lock nuts until no play remains, but wheels roll freely. If lock nut is too loose, caster will shimmy. If it is too tight, chair will be difficult to steer.

To ensure the best service from your product, contact Cardinal Health at 1-877-227-3462 for more information. DO NOT use non-Cardinal HealthTM parts.


Do Not Attempt To Install Or Use Your Casters Without Reading All Instructions Carefully. Failure To Follow Instructions May Result In Injury.

Consult with your healthcare provider if:

  • you require additional instruction on the proper use of this product.
  • you have any disability or physical limitation or are taking any medication that could cause interference with the safe use of this product.

Prior to use, and following any repairs or adjustments, ensure that all attaching hardware is securely tightened. Failure to do so may result in injury or damage.

Do not attempt to replace front casters while chair is in use.

Installation instructions are applicable only if existing casters are being replaced with casters of the same size.

Ensure that lock nuts are not overly tightened, which may restrict movement of the caster.

If any component of this product is damaged or missing, discontinue use immediately. Contact Cardinal Health at 1-877-227-3462 for repair and/or appropriate replacement parts. DO NOT use non-Cardinal HealthTM parts.

Use Cardinal HealthTM accessories only. The use of other manufacturers' accessories can result in an improper fit and risk of fall and/or injury.

Failure to follow the above instructions may result in serious injury and/or damage to the product. Cardinal Health assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by improper installation, assembly, or use of this product.



(2) 8-in. Front Casters, Wheelchair

(2) Lock nuts

(2) Dust covers

(2) Washers

Note: Installation instructions are applicable only if existing casters are being replaced with casters of the same size.

To Install:

  1. Remove the dust cover.
  2. Remove the lock nut and washer that secure the fork to the caster tube.
  3. Drop the front caster out of the bottom of the caster tube.
  4. Slide in the new front caster.
  5. Reassemble by reversing Steps 1-3.
  6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for the other front caster.

To Adjust:

To adjust the front caster to prevent flutter when rolling, perform the following check:

  1. Tip wheelchair back until hand grips rest on the floor.
  2. Remove dust cover, then pivot both caster assemblies to the tops of their arcs.
  3. Drop assemblies simultaneously, allowing wheels to swing once to the side and come to rest in a straight downward position.
  4. Adjust lock nuts according to freedom of caster swing.
  5. Test wheelchair for maneuverability.
  6. If maneuverability is unacceptable, repeat Steps
  7. Snap dust cover over the lock nut and stem.