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Healthcare policy outlook: More uncertainty?

by Michael Myser

Healthcare Leadership Council President Mary Grealy shares her view of the nation's healthcare policy, the changes she hopes to see, and how HLC member organizations and other stakeholders can contribute to policy discussions.

The changing culture of healthcare delivery

by Jen Swensen

How hospitals are moving from a hospital-centric care delivery model to a patient-centric one.

Why healthcare providers should embrace AI

by Laura Drucker

AI is expected to disrupt many industries. Some providers may be concerned about the use of AI in healthcare, but here are three reasons to embrace it.

6 tips for hospitals on moving toward financial stability

by Jen Swensen

Financially pressured hospitals face an uphill battle to remain viable. Kerry Watson, president and CEO at Watson Healthcare and Management Solutions, offers some advice on how to move from struggling to successful.

3 ways to improve U.S. immunization programs

by Laura Drucker

Vaccines are one of the most important and cost-effective tools we have when it comes to controlling and preventing the spread of disease. Yet immunization rates have dropped in the U.S., leading to outbreaks of preventable illnesses. Here’s how we can improve U.S. immunization programs.

How "big data" is driving better patient care

by Will Seaton

"Big data" will likely have a massive impact on virtually all areas of care. Here are specific ways it's improving patient care, and how we can move forward.

What healthcare facilities need to know to protect against cyberattacks

by Laura Drucker

The healthcare industry has become particularly vulnerable for cyberattacks, but three promising advancements are helping facilities in their ongoing fight with cyber criminals.

What do Boomers want from their patient experience?

by Chris Hayhurst

There are nearly 75 million Boomers in America, and they’re the most powerful force in healthcare today. Here’s how healthcare organizations can tailor their services to them.

What do Gen Xers want from their patient experience?

by Chris Hayhurst

Gen X is in the driver's seat when it comes to healthcare spending. Here’s how healthcare organizations can tailor their services to them.

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