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Blockchain: Hype vs. reality

by Michael Myser

Blockchain is the latest technology darling. Our expert helps you get a handle on what it is, and how it might impact the healthcare space.

First tiny houses. Now tiny hospitals?

by Michael Myser

Micro-hospitals are the latest trend in offering complete patient care. A look at how they’re meeting both community and health system needs with their unique offerings.

3 policy changes health systems should watch

by Laura Drucker

U.S. policymakers continue to look at ways to bring down costs and improve healthcare outcomes. Health policy experts share the policy changes that are expected to impact health systems.

3 things we’ve learned since launching our innovation center

by Brent Stutz

After opening our innovation center three years ago, we’ve learned a lot that can help other organizations take on healthcare’s biggest challenges too.

How "big data" is driving better patient support

by Will Seaton

A look into how pharma companies can consolidate data and translate it into actionable information for their patient programs.

Evolving the community pharmacy for a new era of healthcare

by Michael Myser

A Q&A with Brad Tice, the incoming president-elect of the American Pharmacists Association, on how pharmacy practice must evolve for our changing healthcare market.

Healthcare policy outlook: More uncertainty?

by Michael Myser

Healthcare Leadership Council President Mary Grealy shares her view of the nation's healthcare policy, the changes she hopes to see, and how HLC member organizations and other stakeholders can contribute to policy discussions.

The changing culture of healthcare delivery

by Jen Swensen

How hospitals are moving from a hospital-centric care delivery model to a patient-centric one.

Why healthcare providers should embrace AI

by Laura Drucker

AI is expected to disrupt many industries. Some providers may be concerned about the use of AI in healthcare, but here are three reasons to embrace it.

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