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Why we must integrate healthcare to address our behavioral health crisis

by Laura Drucker

One in five American adults suffer from a mental health condition. Experts discuss how integrating behavioral healthcare into wider healthcare delivery can provide higher quality, more patient-centered care.

Bringing precision medicine into focus

by Will Seaton

Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment. Our experts look at where it currently stands and what’s on the horizon.

3 reasons why patient empowerment is growing in healthcare

by Brian Wu

Patient empowerment is growing and continues to shape how healthcare is being delivered. Here are three important factors driving the behaviors of the more informed healthcare consumer.

Will payers move remote patient monitoring into mainstream practice?

by Laura Drucker

How can we keep healthcare delivery costs down while also giving patients access to the care they need? We look at remote patient monitoring and who is positioned to move this promising technology to the forefront.

Five ways healthcare innovation will move forward in 2017

by Corbin Shaw and Kristina Redgrave

Our Fuse innovation specialists give five predictions on how healthcare innovation will advance in the coming months.

The 21st Century Cures Act: One step forward for medical progress

by Brian Wu

A summary of notable ways diseases and conditions are addressed in the recently-passed 21st Century Cures Act and a collective call to action to push medical innovation forward.

Women leaders in value-based care

by Elizabeth Hanes

The unique leadership qualities women have that can improve patient outcomes in a healthcare landscape driving toward paying for performance.

The state of community pharmacy from the 2016 NCPA Digest

by B. Douglas Hoey

The 2016 NCPA Digest offers important findings for the independent community pharmacy market.

Five-star ratings systems aren’t just for hotels anymore

by Elie M. Bahou

There has been a lot of talk about "Star Ratings" in recent months, after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating program this summer. Although CMS doesn’t issue star ratings for pharmacies, we know that health plans are increasingly looking at pharmacy performance based on specific quality metrics when making network decisions.

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