Service Levels

As you are probably aware, generic drugs are 88% of the prescriptions in the U.S. So, generics manufacturers play a huge role in our ability to service our customers.  On behalf of our customers, we appreciate those that exhibited at our recent Retail Business Conference in Chicago. Our customers value the time they spend with you, and they used the opportunity to ask questions about solutions for our SOURCESM generics program.

Our generics program is of high quality and affordable pharmaceuticals. We offer the broadest formulary of contracted generics and encourage customers to consolidate all of their purchases to SOURCE.  We incentivize customers to purchase from our SOURCE contracts making it easier to accumulate higher savings.  As a SOURCE partner, you in turn benefit from the increased sales.   

Our pharmacy customers don’t want to worry about how a generic pharmaceutical makes its way from your facilities to their pharmacy.  They just want the right generic pharmaceutical to be within reach when it’s needed. Maintaining high service levels and low switch rates are other important benefits that we work together to provide customers.  To maintain high service levels, generics manufactures can collaborate with our Generics Operations and Inventory Teams every day.  We appreciate your partnership and hope to see you at the upcoming Business Partner Conference (BPC) this October, held in Columbus, OH. There, you can meet with individuals from these teams to discuss ways to continue to maintain high service levels.  You also have the ability to schedule one-on-one time with me at BPC where you have the ability to ask more questions about our customers.  

Thank you for being our partner.  Together, we drive value and quality of the SOURCE program for our customers. –Chip Aquilina

Organization Updates

We are excited to welcome Jesse Gunn and Erica Diebel to the Strategic Partnership Management team reporting to Kelli Collins!  Jesse and Erica join Lauren Hogan and Erica Conway on the Advisor team and are responsible for managing supply chain relations for a portfolio of generic suppliers.  They both will also be accountable for collaborating with multiple teams within Cardinal Health as well as with Red Oak Sourcing to uphold and improve supplier performance and customer service level.

Jesse joined Cardinal Health in 2013 supporting the Pricing Services team within the Medical Segment. During that time, he partnered with multiple cross-functional units to ensure efficient and accurate analysis and coordination of information and data related pricing discrepancies. He worked diligently to research pricing and contract discrepancies as well as improve processes that ultimately enhanced service efficiencies.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Political Science degree from the Ohio State University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University.

Erica started her career at Cardinal Health in 2012 supporting the Pharmaceutical Contracts & Pricing team. She quickly became a subject matter expert and was responsible for training new hires as well as the ongoing education of both coordinators and suppliers. In November of 2015 she accepted the position as Senior Supply Chain Analyst on the Generic Supply Chain Purchasing team. During that time, she managed the purchasing and inventory levels for a large portfolio of generic manufacturers and worked to develop solutions for continuous improvement initiatives within her team. Erica holds a Bachelor of Public Relations degree from West Virginia University.

Cardinal Health 2016 Business Partners Conference

Our annual Business Partners Conference (BPC), where we host our pharmaceutical brand, generics and Consumer Health manufacturers, is right around the corner and will be held October 11 and 12 in Columbus, Ohio.  With an ever changing healthcare landscape, we’ll focus on how our partnerships can deliver more to our customers — and ultimately their patients. This year, we will talk about navigating the healthcare landscape and overcoming obstacles in life with our special keynote speaker, Amy Purdy. We’ll also be joined by Cardinal Health leadership from our Pharmaceutical Segment, as well as our Global Sourcing team, and attendees will have the time to network and engage with their Cardinal Health sourcing contacts. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Chip Aquilina
Vice President, Generic Customer Programs and Market Development