National Brands

Cardinal Health 2016 Business Partners Conference

Our annual Business Partners Conference (BPC), where we host our pharmaceutical brand, generics and Consumer Health manufacturers, is right around the corner and will be held October 11 and 12 in Columbus, Ohio.  With an ever changing healthcare landscape, we’ll focus on how our partnerships can deliver more to our customers — and ultimately their patients. This year, we will talk about navigating the healthcare landscape and overcoming obstacles in life with our special keynote speaker, Amy Purdy. We’ll also be joined by Cardinal Health leadership from our Pharmaceutical Segment, as well as our Global Sourcing team, and attendees will have the time to network and engage with their Cardinal Health sourcing contacts. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


DSCSA Updates 

The updated "HDA Guidelines for Bar Coding in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Quick Start Guide" is now available as a complimentary download through HDA’s website.

This document was updated to represent lessons learned as we implement the DSCSA and to further align with GS1 standards

Key updates include:

  • The recommendation of a wrap-around case label;
  • Change in the placement of the 2D GS1 Data Matrix to the outer edges of the case label, away from the carton edge;
  • No longer including AI(30) (quantity indicator) in the 2D Data Matrix; and,
  • New guidance on inner-pack and partial-case labels.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to download the quick start guide and review its content.


Voice of Manufacturer 

At Cardinal Health, we strive to provide a cost-effective and quality healthcare across the nation. Our efforts are not possible without strong partnerships with our manufacturers.  For that reason, we are always looking for your ideas and feedback to ensure that we are collaborating effectively and efficiently. We are putting our best foot forward with instituting our new annual Voice of the Manufacturer survey!  It is a great tool to enable us to learn if we are meeting the standards of excellence that we set for our organization.  We will be launching the 2016 Voice of the Manufacturer Survey in October of this year.  We believe collaboration, along with open and honest dialogue is a crucial aspect of the partnership between Cardinal Health and our Suppliers.  We ask for your candor, insights and suggestions to allow us to improve and constantly strive for better.

Knowing what we are doing well, what we could do better and, more importantly, how we can become a better business partner will greatly help strengthen our business partnership.  We have every reason to believe that the feedback you provide through the 2016 Survey will also help us to revisit our best practices and improve our business functions through FY17 and moving forward into the next fiscal year FY18.

The anonymity of the survey responses will be maintained as we analyze your responses at the aggregate level.  We are very appreciative of your partnership, time and willingness to share your feedback with us.  As stewards of the healthcare industry, we are excited that results of the survey will help us drive enhanced connectivity and efficiency in the healthcare industry, with the support from our key partners. Understanding your experience in working with us will greatly contribute to our partnership and it will have an impact to our end-customers experience and improve overall Healthcare Industry.