Indirect Procurement and Sourcing Operations


Voice of Manufacturer

Communication and Collaboration are key to build and maintain strong partnerships. At Cardinal Health, we strive to provide a cost-effective and quality healthcare across the nation. Our efforts are not possible without strong partnership with our suppliers and manufactures and we are always looking for your feedback to ensure that we are collaborating effectively and efficiently. Our annual Voice of the Manufacturer (VOM) survey is a great tool to know if we are meeting the standard for excellence, we set within our organization.  We launched the 2016 Voice of the Manufacturer Survey in April of this year and we want to thanks our business partners who took the time to thoughtfully complete the survey. We believe collaboration, along with open and honest dialogue is a crucial aspect of the partnership between Cardinal Health and our Suppliers and we sincerely appreciate the insights and suggestions you have provided to us through this survey.  

Knowing what we are doing well, what we could do better and more importantly, how we can become a better business partner will greatly help strengthen our business relationship. Results from previous surveys have tremendously helped us focus on how we do business with you and readjust our business objectives by incorporating your suggestions. We believe that the feedback you voiced through the 2016 Survey will also help us to revisit our best practices and improve our business functions as we move towards the next fiscal year FY17.

Understanding your experience working with us greatly contributes to improve the integrity of the supply chain and it also has a positive impact on end-customers experience and overall satisfaction. We are very appreciative of your partnership, time and willingness to share your feedback with us. We plan to share findings of this year’s survey at the 2016 Business Partner Conference (BPC) in October. As stewards of the healthcare industry, we are excited that this year’s survey results will help us drive enhanced connectivity and efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Thanks for your Participation in the 2016 Pharmaceutical Segment Voice of the Manufacturer Survey!


Collaborative Analytics and Supplier Scorecards

At Cardinal Health, we rely on our suppliers to deliver superior products and services. Our customers expect the same from us. To deliver the highest levels of customer service requires continuous improvement and collaboration with our suppliers. In an effort to create a more streamlined and efficient service experience for our supplier partners, manage our supply chain performance more effectively and improve end-customers experience, we are excited to announce the launch of a new Medical Distribution National Brand Supplier Scorecard.  In today’s environment, it is imperative that we collectively drive inefficiencies out of the healthcare supply chain, including our order to cash processes. Cardinal Health’s new Medical Distribution National Brand Supplier Scorecard is a critical assessment platform and tool, leveraged to improve overall supply chain performance across our business.  The Scorecard is intended as a single-stop repository for results of the most pertinent elements of our partnership. This tool will offer both Cardinal Health and you, our partners, the necessary data and performance visibility to empower meaningful, collaborative discussion and improvement efforts impacting our mutual customers. Access to this information is designed to be on-demand and self-service , results are updated every month and the system is capable of storing up to one year of historical data. Each criterion is weighted and allotted points to provide an overall monthly score. As we rollout this new Supplier Scorecard, the Global Sourcing Supplier Performance group will be hosting and seeking your participation in webinar training sessions throughout April, May and June 2016. If you haven’t received an invitation and you are interested in learning more about it, please feel free to reach out to your Sourcing Manager and they will be glad to share insights. As stewards of the healthcare industry, we are excited about this opportunity to drive enhanced connectivity and efficiency for our key partners. We look forward to collaborating with you on the new Supplier Scorecard efforts!

Supplier Diversity Video

Cardinal Health celebrates 25 years of supplier diversity: At Cardinal Health, it is our mission to be essential to care. We do this as 36,000 humble partners with unique backgrounds, views and ideas. For those tasked with navigating the complexities of healthcare, Cardinal Health brings scaled solutions that help our customers thrive in a changing world. This includes fostering diverse supplier relationships that not only enhances innovation and supplier competition, but also vibrantly enriches the communities where we live and work. We were honored to join our partners in Columbus, Ohio in April at our 25 Years of Supplier Diversity Gala where we will recognize your contributions and celebrated 25 years of partnership. Together, we can look forward to an even stronger future, of navigating the constant change of healthcare with tenacity and inventiveness so our customers can focus on what matters most — their patients. Take a look at the night’s events.