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Grow your business with POS Smart Reports

Over a year ago, Consumer Health launched POS Smart Reports and the program has been growing leaps and bounds ever since! POS Smart Reports program provides access to Retail Independents scan data, thus providing you insights to grow your business. Almost 2,500 pharmacies are enrolled in our POS program, and more than 60% are already transmitting data for the reports. And these numbers increase every month!

POS Smart Reports provide prebuilt reports straight to your inbox; as well as, the opportunity to generate your own custom reports depending which one of the three flexible membership options chosen to best fit your needs.  Manufactures are using these reports to track sales trends of their products through the Retail Independent channel compared to other products, identify additional opportunities to grow their business, and see which marketing vehicles generate the most ROI for their products.

Enrollment in POS Smart Reports also allows you the opportunity to offer Temporary Price Reductions (TPR) to Retail Independent Pharmacies. Our customers were extremely excited when the TPR pilot launched last summer allowing them to be more competitive in the marketplace. In the first six months, products on TPR experienced an average 25%+ lift during their promoted period versus the prior 8 weeks. This success for our customers and manufactures is why we are focused on continuing to grow this program even more!

If you are not already on POS Smart Reports, contact your category manager to learn more about membership options.


Team Updates from Naomi Duvall, Director, Category Management

With an ever-changing healthcare industry, Consumer Health is adapting and aligning our organization to reflect those changes. To better serve you, our valued customers, we want to share organization updates to ensure you have the most updated contacts for our respective product categories. Below you will find a listing of category managers supporting various categories in the interim as we fill some open positions in our business. We appreciate your partnership, and will continue to provide organizational updates to you as roles diversify and we add new colleagues to our team.

Kim Jones ( will help support the Shave/Grooming, Suncare and Deodorant categories.

Joe Rudy ( will help support any General Merchandise, Household Needs, Seasonal or Dollar Day programs.

Sara Konz ( will help support Braces & Supports, First Aid, Ostomy/Urologicals & Wound Care

If at any time you are uncertain who to reach out with or need additional assistance or support please feel free to reach out directly to myself, Naomi Duvall (  


The more we know, the more we grow. What questions do YOU want answered?

As part of our last Voice of the Manufacturer survey, we heard you and your request for us to increase and improve upon our communications. It is extremely important to us to maintain a strong and valuable partnership with you, and we understand it is vital that we communicate our shared priorities in a clear and concise manner. Our first step in advancing our communication is to give you an opportunity to ask us questions that we will answer in future editions of the Centripetal Source.

What do you want to know? Do you want to know something more about the Consumer Health organization? Maybe what’s going on in specific categories or programs? Or where we see our business is taking us? Email your questions to, and a series of questions will be selected and answered in the next Centripetal Source.


The Spring 2017 Front-end Conference is right around the corner

This year’s Cardinal Health spring Front-end Conference is scheduled for May 1 – 5 at the Columbus Airport Marriott in Columbus, Ohio. Suppliers can take part of this event and attend the Front-end Marketplace where you’ll interact with our Retail Operations Consultants (ROC) and have the opportunity to promote and educate our team on your programs and offerings.  Take advantage of this exciting networking and educational opportunity with our entire ROC team and Consumer Health leadership group. For more information, or registration options, please contact your Cardinal Health Consumer Health Category Manager, or email