HDA Saleable Returns Pilot Study Results in Two Recommended Solutions

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) announced the results of their Pilot Study for Saleable Returns at their November Traceability Seminar.

Two solutions were recommended, both intended to meet the 2019 requirement for wholesale distributors to verify the product identifier before re-distributing saleable returned product.

According to HDA, saleable returns comprise 2-3 percent—or nearly 59 million units—of total pharmaceutical sales annually. The pilot study reviewed nine real-world scenarios and included seven pharmaceutical manufacturers and six pharmaceutical distributors.

The first recommended solution involves manufacturers sending aggregated serialized data to distributors with each shipment so the distributor can verify product identifiers using an internal database.

The second solution uses a Verification Routing Service (VRS).  In this case, when a saleable return is received, the distributor sends the product data to the third-party routing service, which then routes the information to the manufacturer.

HDA is sponsoring an industry-wide workgroup focused on bringing a VRS system to market and providing requirements for solution providers to build.  Cardinal Health 3PL is participating in this workgroup and will keep you updated on the progress. We intend to be able to support either of these options going forward.

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