New 3PL Warehouse Expands Capacity to Support Customers

Cardinal Health 3PL recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of its new warehouse facility, known as LV3, located in LaVergne, TN.

We have migrated nearly all qualified customers to the new facility, which expands our ambient, controlled room temperature storage and order fulfillment capacity.  

The new LV3 warehouse totals 307,000 square feet and has the capacity to store almost 25,000 pallets of product.  It also significantly increases our order processing capacity and enhances operational efficiency due to the cross-dock layout of the warehouse. Additionally, the migration of ambient-stored products to LV3 has cleared the way for a much-needed expansion of our controlled substance storage areas in the LV1 warehouse.

While there are many exciting new features in LV3, some key components haven’t changed.  For example, consistent with our other facilities, LV3 is temperature mapped, ISO 9001 certified and VAWD accredited.  In addition, the new warehouse is governed by all of the same standard operating procedures, serviced by the same vendors and led by the same management team as our other facilities.

With 15,000 square feet of office and conference space, LV3 brings our client relations and customer service teams together in the same facility as our warehouse operations, supporting our ability to work collaboratively.  Lastly, we have new, dedicated space for business reviews and client meetings.  

If you haven’t been to LV3, we encourage you to contact your relationship manager and schedule a visit in 2017. 

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