Cardinal Health™ Anesthesia Portfolio

Cardinal Health offers a full line of disposable general anesthesia products that are safe, easy to use and value-driven. Think of us as a “one stop shop” for anesthesia products.

Quality, reliability, dependability, consistency — these aren’t just things you want, these are things you need. Patients’ lives are in your hands and the products you use count. We’ve invested in research and development to ensure we provide you with high-quality products with features that you need to promote positive patient outcomes. Our portfolio includes:

  • Ventilation
  • Airway Management

Custom Circuit Configurations

Cardinal Health custom circuits are built based on your unique needs and desired configuration requirements. We offer a broad component portfolio to allow for easy customization.

Intubating Stylets

When it comes to managing the airway, Cardinal Health provides the products you need ranging from airways to endotracheal tubes.

Oropharyngeal Airways

Cardinal Health offers a complete line of oral airways in both Guedel and Berman designs.

Standard Circuit Configurations

Cardinal Health offers a wide variety of standard circuit configurations that are pre-assembled based on popular configurations in the industry. Standard circuit configurations can quickly meet your clinical needs, while providing a significant value.

Nasopharyngeal Airways

Cardinal Health nasopharyngeal airways are a trusted solution for your airway management needs.

Anesthesia Masks

Check out Cardinal Health’s flexible and traditional anesthesia breathing masks. We offer a full range of sizes.

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