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Cardinal Health™ Exam Room Equipment

Cardinal Health™ Essential Equipment Brochure

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Exam Tables

Our cost effective exam tables come in black, dove and taupe. These exam tables are comfortable, space-efficient, and are fully assembled when delivered to your door.

Side Chairs

Ideal for the exam room, front office or waiting room environment, our Cardinal Health™ Side Chairs offer comfort, durability and space efficiency.

Step Stools

Ideal for the exam room, our Cardinal Health™ Step Stools are high quality, durable, and come in both standard and handrail styles.

Hamper Stands

Complete your exam room with one of our square tilt or round tilt top hamper stands.

Halogen Light

The Cardinal Health™ Halogen Exam Light has a flexible, “no drift” gooseneck that helps to bring the brightness needed to complete your exam room.

Waste Cans

Cardinal Health™ waste cans are square and come in red and white. They are ideal for exam rooms, restrooms and front office areas.

Integrated Wall Systems

Our integrated wall systems help to ensure your facility receives reliable diagnostic patient data in a consistent manner that may improve workflows and your bottom line.

Exam Stools

Our comfortable and sturdy exam stools come in black, dove and taupe. These exam stools offer a space-efficiency for your exam room.

Instrument Stands

Cardinal Health has both the Mayo “California” style and the Mayo U-shaped base instrument tables available to help fit the needs of your exam room.

IV Pole Products

With two or four ram’s horn hook options available, Cardinal Health™ IV poles are high quality durable, products to help provide the stability you may need.

Overbed Tables

Cardinal Health™ overbed tables come standard with a Walnut grain laminate top, and a spring-loaded height adjustment.

LED Light

The Cardinal Health™ LED Light can help bring the brightness it needs to complete your exam room. Each light is high quality and comes with a one year warranty.

Utility Carts

Our durable, cost-effective and space-efficient plastic utility carts are for all-purpose needs.

Kick Bucket

Cardinal Health™ Kick Buckets are constructed with non-corrosive stainless steel.

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