LED Light

The Cardinal Health™ LED Light can help bring the brightness it needs to complete your exam room. Each light is high quality and comes with a one year warranty.

Product Description

At Cardinal Health, we apply our deep understanding of healthcare to deliver inventive, meaningful and cost-effective solutions that help improve patient care. The Cardinal Health™ LED Light is no exception. You can feel confident in our products and their durability.

Cardinal Health™ LED Light

  • Energy-efficient LED light that consumes significantly less energy than halogen lights*
  • Long-life bulb (Approx. 50,000 hours) that offers a low cost of ownership
  • Cool to the touch
  • Designed with safety and performance in mind

A brilliant combination of performance and value

  • Provides, bright working space to help clinicians work effectively
  • Easy-to-utilize 23 in. gooseneck for precise, optimal positioning
  • Designed to allow for easy, screw-in bulb replacement
  • Beige color of light compliments the full product line of Cardinal Health™ Exam Tables
  • Mobile five-caster base is available (C200165)

Footnotes & references:
*As compared to a competitor halogen bulb. Data on file with Cardinal Health.

Ordering Information

Cat. no. Description
C19100 Floor-standing, 12 watt LED light
C200165 Five caster mobility base, beige

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