Medical professional wearing Cardinal Health™ Exam Gloves

Cardinal Health™ Exam Gloves

When it comes to safety and comfort, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the comfort, and get the protection and feel you need, to provide excellent care for your patients.  
Cardinal Health offers a full portfolio of exam gloves whose reliability and durability go the extra distance for your everyday examination needs. From synthetic and coated synthetic to sterile and non-sterile options – we’re confident we have the right gloves for you.


  • Flexal® Nitrile
  • Flexal® Feel
  • Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (ESNI)
  • Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (ESNII)
  • Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile (ESNIII)
  • Sensitive Hands™
  • Esteem® Tru-Blu™ Stretchy Nitrile
  • Esteem® XP
  • XP Plus
  • Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic*
  • Instagard® Synthetic*

Coated Synthetic/Non-sterile

  • Esteem® Nitrile with Neu-Thera®
  • Esteem® Synthetic with Neu-Thera®*
  • Positive Touch®


  • Flexam® Sterile Nitrile
  • TriFlex® Sterile Vinyl*
*WARNING: This product contains DINP, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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