Synthetic non-sterile exam gloves

Synthetic non-sterile exam gloves


Our synthetic nitrile Decontamination exam glove offers an extended cuff of 16 inches for additional coverage.

Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic

Esteem® Stretchy Synthetic examination gloves are made from a vinyl formulation that helps provide elasticity and fit.

Esteem® XP

Esteem® XP examination gloves feature a long, beaded cuff that safeguards the hand and wrist against spills and splashes while assisting in easy donning and inhibiting roll-down.

Flexal® Nitrile

Flexal® Nitrile examination gloves provide tactile sensitivity and protect the hands from potentially infectious materials.

Instagard® Synthetic

InstaGard® Synthetic examination gloves are a great choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective glove for general patient care.


N250 is a line extension of our Flexal Nitrile product family. N250 offers an increased packaging count of 250 gloves per box. By providing more gloves in the box, this product saves your facility space.

Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile

Esteem® Stretchy Nitrile examination gloves are soft and flexible. The gloves recover shape quickly and effectively mold to the hands for a comfortable fit.

Esteem® Tru-Blu™ Stretchy Nitrile

Esteem® Tru-Blu™ Stretchy Nitrile examination gloves are soft and flexible. They deliver excellent freedom of movement and tactile sensitivity.

Flexal® Feel

Flexal® Feel Nitrile examination gloves offer a natural fit that allows you comfort while getting the protection you need.

Flexal® with Dispensing Film

Flexal® with Dispensing Film is a premium line extension of our Flexal® nitrile product family. This product offers a film like barrier over the opening to protect the gloves within.

Low Dermatitis Potential

Low Dermatitis Potential examination gloves are manufactured without the use of accelerators, making them alternatives to vinyl gloves that are appropriate for those with a natural rubber latex sensitivity.

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