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Top 5 reasons you should be double-gloving during surgery

Wearing two surgical gloves significantly reduces infection risk to operating room personnel.2 The second glove helps protect against bloodborne pathogens when the outer glove is punctured.3

For relatively low cost, double-gloving helps provide a high level of protection. The interior glove reduces exposure to patient blood by as much as 87% when the outer glove is punctured.4

Double-gloving is recommended for invasive surgeries by the CDC5, OSHA6,  AORN7, ACS8, AAOS9, ICS10 and WHO.11

Colored undergloves can help improve occupational safety. Research shows that most punctures are tiny and identified only after surgery, not at the time of the incident.12

Colored undergloves increased awareness of perforations to synthetic outer gloves from 12% to 56% and reduced time to awareness from 67 seconds to 42 seconds.13

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