Disposable Bedding and Supplies

Our line of disposable bedding is designed to protect mattresses and pillows from soiling and cross contamination. Tissue/poly sheets are ideal for patient and stretcher coverage as well as absorbency. Drape sheets offer comfort, modesty and coverage.

Product Description


Tissue bonded into one layer of softness for undeniable comfort and absorbency.

Tissue/poly sheets

The tissue layer absorbs the fluids while the poly layer offers a fluid barrier protection.


Soft tissue outside for patient comfort with a hygienic barrier protection.


Three layers of tissue bonded into one layer of softness. For use in a variety of applications.

Ordering Information

Drapes/Flat Sheets

Cat. No. Description
30085-020B Flat sheet, 2 ply, tissue/poly, 40 in. x 90 in., white/blue
30181-022B Drape sheet, 2 ply tissue, 40 in. x 48 in., white
30181-120C Flat sheet, 3 ply tissue, 40 in. x 72 in., white
30181-122B Drape sheet, 3 ply tissue, 40 in. x 48 in., white


Cat. No. Description
30085-021B Pillowcase, 2 ply, tissue/poly, 21 in. x 30 in., white
Towelpoly Towel, 3 ply, tissue/poly/tissue, 13.5 in. x 18 in., white
30181-124B Towel, 3 ply tissue, 13.5 in. x 18 in., white

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