Disposable Gowns and Capes

Our patient apparel is designed with safety, comfort and modesty. 

Product Description

Three layers are bonded into one layer for maximum security and absorbency. Non-woven opaque material offers quality, linen-like, single-use comfort at a disposable price. Additionally, our unisex gowns provide complete coverage for your patients.

Ordering Information


Cat. No. Description
45930-010B Gown, 3 ply, tissue, 30 x 42 in., white
Gownblue Gown, 3 ply, tissue/poly/tissue, 30 x 42 in., blue
Gownscrim Gown scrim reinforced, non-woven, 36 x 44 in., blue
GownXLBlue Gown XL, non-woven, 40 x 50 in., blue


Cat. No. Description
45930-110B Cape, 3 ply, tissue, 30 x 21 in., white
Capemauve Cape, 3 ply, tissue, 30 x 21 in., mauve

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