Respiratory protection designed uniquely for the health-care worker.

Product Description

Cardinal Health and Inovel LLC. have teamed up to bring you the first comprehensive line of respirators designed specifically for the health-care environment. The Secure-Gard® N95 respirator line meets CDC Guidelines for protection against TB and is NIOSH certified to have a filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free of oil. All respirators feature the distinctive fluid-resistant, multi-color facing which ensures superior fluid resistance in addition to respiratory protection. Engineered with pinch-free, naturally contoured nosepieces constructed with a soft foam material, this product line provides a more comfortable fit, which encourages improved compliance. Unlike other respirators in the market, the Cardinal Health/Inovel LLC. products retain the shape for which the employee was originally fit-tested. Proper, comfortable fit helps eliminate the risk of wearers adjusting the mask inappropriately.

Double Strap N95 Series

This design retains its unique molded shape during use resulting in a consistent fit. The most commonly-used design in the product line, the double strap N95 respirator, is available in small, medium/large and an alternate size for individuals with low nose bridges.

EZ-ON® N95 Series

The first and only NIOSH-approved one-strap respirator is designed for easy application and a quick, consistent fit. The straps of this product are attached outside the filtering area, providing health-care workers with greater protection. The one-strap design with FLEXWING ™ provides a more comfortable fit than a traditional two-strap mask. Ideal for professionals working in unpredictable environments, this mask is available in small and medium/large options.

Ordering Information

Cat. No. Description
**N95-S Standard N95, small
**N95-ML Standard N95, medium/large
FRN95-S Fluid-resistant N95 healthcare
  particulate respirator, small
FRN95-ML Fluid-resistant N95 healthcare
  particulate respirator, medium/large
FRN95-A Fluid-resistant N95 healthcare
  particulate respirator, alternate size
FRN95-SEZ Fluid-resistant respirator mask
  with EZ-ON®, small
FRN95-MLEZ Fluid-resistant respirator mask
  with EZ-ON®, medium/large
    **N95 Standard Series, available in small and medium/large.

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