Medi-Vac® Plastic Connectors

Medi-Vac® plastic connectors are durable, shatter-resistant and help reduce expensive replacement cost associated with breakage.

Product Description

Medi-Vac® Plastic Connectors are durable, shatter-resistant and can help reduce the expensive replacement cost associated with breakage. They’re light in weight and sufficiently transparent to allow easy observation of flow.

The connectors are for single use to save you valuable reprocessing time.

Both the sterile and non-sterile connectors are supplied in convenient dispenser cartons. Each box is clearly labeled by type and catalog number for ease in identification and reordering.

Connectors available:

6-in-1 Straight Connector

5-in-1 Straight Connector

Sims Connector/Integration Nozzle

“T” Connector

Straight Connectors

“Y” Connectors

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