SAF-T Pump™ System

The SAF-T Pump™ System quickly and safely empties canisters containing infectious liquid medical waste directly into the sanitary sewer with no pouring required.

Product Description

The SAF-T Pump™ Waste Disposal System quickly and safely disposes of liquid medical waste into the sanitary sewer with no pouring required.

  • Fast - drains a liter of fluid in just 4 seconds
  • Powered entirely by tap water - no moving parts to wear out
  • Easy to use - just insert a dip tube into a suction canister, connect the pump, and turn it on
  • Avoids the added expense of disposing of full canisters
  • Accommodates all Guardian™, CRD™, and Flex Advantage® suction canister sizes
  • Provides a closed system when used with Cardinal Health™ Canisters


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