Product Description

From our surgeon’s caps and hoods to our premium bouffants, our headwear is designed to be comfortable and at the same time provide necessary coverage. Available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to meet your needs.

Ordering Information

Nurse’s cap

Cat. No Description Quantity
3290 White, celebration print designer nurse’s cap 100/box, 6 boxes/case

Surgeon’s caps and hoods

Cat. No Description Quantity
4359 Blue surgeon’s cap with ties 100/box, 6 boxes/case
4359SMS Blue SMS surgeon’s cap with ties 100/box, 5 boxes/case
4380C Blue comfort hood 75/box, 6 boxes/case
4381 Blue surgeon’s hood with ties 100/case
4384 Blue pullover hood 100/case
9216 White beard cover, full coverage 250/case

Spunbond polypropylene bouffants

Cat. No Description Quantity
3224R Red comfort bouffant, 24 in. 100/box, 4 boxes/case
3244 Blue comfort bouffant, 21 in. 100/box, 10 boxes/case
3274 Blue comfort bouffant, 24 in. 75/box, 10 boxes/case
9302 White comfort bouffant, 21 in. 250/case
9303 White comfort bouffant, 24 in. 250/case

Premium bouffants

Cat. No Description Quantity
B24HD Blue bouffant, 24 in. 75/box, 10 boxes/case

Premium printed bouffant assortment

Cat. No Description Quantity
3474 Assortment includes smiley faces, bears and tropical print assortment 75/box, 10 boxes/case

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