Central Service/Sterile Processing - Professional using sterile processing products

Central Service/Sterile Processing

The Central Service/Sterile Processing Department (SPD) is instrumental to infection prevention and patient safety.  Central Service professionals need solutions that allow for, verify and maintain the sterility of reusable medical devices until used. Cardinal Health offers a broad portfolio of sterilization wrap, pouch/tubing, maintenance cover, and indicator solutions to meet the sterilization packaging and assurance needs of today’s SPD.

Sterilization Wrap

Whatever your clinicians need, now you have a single product line that can take care of it all. Choose the Cardinal Health sterilization wrap that best meets your goals of maximizing efficiency, safety and quality of care.


Bowie-Dick provides a consistent and reliable method to detect failures in prevacuum steam sterilizers.

Indicator Tape

Check out Cardinal Health’s sterilization monitoring indicator tape portfolio.

Sterilization pouches, tubing and covers

Cardinal Health offers a broad portfolio of sterilization pouch, tubing and maintenance covers to meet your sterilization packaging and assurance needs.

Chemical Indicators and Integrators

Check out Cardinal Health’s indicators. All are designed to change color at the end of a sterilization cycle with vivid color changes that are easy to read.

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