Sterilization Wrap

Your trusted sterilization wrap source for ease and assurance.

Every day, you're tasked to do more with less. To improve productivity with less time, budget and staff. And do it all while you strive to keep your patients safe and improve the quality of care.

That's why we created a new choice in sterilization wrap: a full selection of products that are durable, reliable and cost effective.

Two Color

Cardinal Health™ Sterilization Wrap, Two Color

  • Made from SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond) polypropylene, non-woven material for strength and sterility maintenance
    • Two layers of SMS — one layer blue, the other green — bonded along opposing sides
    • Select the color you want — blue or green, to help differentiate, identify and inspect trays
  • Designed with a simple, "cross-stitch" bond pattern for clear, visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage, and/or sterilization.
  • Supports simultaneous double-wrapping to help save time and improve productivity
  • Available in six basis weights and a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of today's Central Service/Sterile Processing Department
Catalog no. Basis weight Dimensions Case qty.
CH1G0012 CH100 12x12 in. (30x30 cm) 480
CH1G0015 CH100 15x15 in. (38x38 cm) 480
CH1G0018 CH100 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 480
CH1G0020 CH100 20x20 in. (50x50 cm) 480
CH1G0024 CH100 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 240
CH1G0030 CH100 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 144
CH1G0036 CH100 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 144
CH1G0040 CH100 34x40 in. (101x101 cm) 120
CH1G0045 CH100 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 120
CH1G0048 CH100 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 120
CH1G0054 CH100 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 96
CH2G0012 CH200 12x12 in. (30x30 cm) 480
CH2G0018 CH200 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 480
CH2G0024 CH200 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 240
CH2G0030 CH200 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 144
CH2G0036 CH200 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 144
CH2G0040 CH200 34x40 in. (101x101 cm) 120
CH2G0048 CH200 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 48
CH2G0054 CH200 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH2G0072 CH200 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 48
CH3G0024 CH300 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 240
CH3G0030 CH300 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 144
CH3G0036 CH300 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 144
CH3G0040 CH300 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 96
CH3G0045 CH300 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 48
CH3G0048 CH300 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 96
CH3G0054 CH300 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH3G0072 CH300 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 48
CH4G0024 CH400 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 120
CH4G0036 CH400 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 72
CH4G0040 CH400 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 72
CH4G0045 CH400 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 48
CH4G0048 CH400 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 48
CH4G0054 CH400 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH4G0072 CH400 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 24
CH5G0018 CH500 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 288
CH5G0024 CH500 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 120
CH5G0030 CH500 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 120
CH5G0036 CH500 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 72
CH5G0045 CH500 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 48
CH5G0048 CH500 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 48
CH5G0054 CH500 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH5G0060 CH500 60x60 in. (152x152 cm) 24
CH5G0072 CH500 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 24
CH5G0090 CH500 54x90 in. (137x228 cm) 24
CH6G0036 CH600 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 72
CH6G0040 CH600 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 48
CH6G0045 CH600 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 48
CH6G0048 CH600 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 48
CH6G0054 CH600 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH6G0072 CH600 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 24

Single Layer

Cardinal Health™ Sterilization Wrap, Single Layer

  • Made from one layer of blue SMS
  • Designed with a simple, "cross-stitch" bond pattern for clear, visual feedback of breaches that may occur during handling, storage, and/or sterilization
  • Supports sequential wrapping methodologies
  • Available in six basis weights and 14 sizes – 54 product options
Catalog no. Basis weight Dimensions Case qty.
CH110012 CH100 12x12 in. (30x30 cm) 1000
CH110015 CH100 15x15 in. (38x38 cm) 1000
CH110018 CH100 18X18 in. (45x45 cm) 1000
CH110020 CH100 20x20 in. (50x50 cm) 1000
CH110024 CH100 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 500
CH110030 CH100 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 300
CH110036 CH100 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 300
CH110040 CH100 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 250
CH110045 CH100 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 250
CH110048 CH100 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 250
CH110054 CH100 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 100
CH110072 CH200 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 100
CH210012 CH200 12x12 in. (30x30 cm) 1000
CH210018 CH200 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 1000
CH210024 CH200 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 500
CH210030 CH200 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 300
CH210036 CH200 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 300
CH210040 CH200 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 250
CH210048 CH200 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 100
CH210054 CH200 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 100
CH210072 CH200 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 100
CH310024 CH300 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 500
CH310030 CH300 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 300
CH310036 CH300 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 300
CH310040 CH300 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 250
CH310045 CH300 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 100
CH310048 CH300 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 100
CH310054 CH300 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 100
CH310072 CH300 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 100
CH410018 CH400 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 600
CH410024 CH400 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 250
CH410030 CH400 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 200
CH410036 CH400 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 150
CH410040 CH400 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 150
CH410045 CH400 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 100
CH410048 CH400 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 50
CH410054 CH400 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 50
CH410072 CH400 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 50
CH510018 CH500 18x18 in. (45x45 cm) 600
CH510024 CH500 24x24 in. (60x60 cm) 250
CH510030 CH500 30x30 in. (76x76 cm) 250
CH510036 CH500 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 150
CH510045 CH500 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 100
CH510048 CH500 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 50
CH510054 CH500 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 50
CH510060 CH500 60x60 in. (152x152 cm) 50
CH510072 CH500 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 50
CH510090 CH500 54x90 in. (137x228 cm) 50
CH610036 CH600 36x36 in. (91x91 cm) 144
CH610040 CH600 40x40 in. (101x101 cm) 96
CH610045 CH600 45x45 in. (114x114 cm) 96
CH610048 CH600 48x48 in. (121x121 cm) 48
CH610054 CH600 54x54 in. (137x137 cm) 48
CH610072 CH600 54x72 in. (137x182 cm) 48


Tray liner

  • Absorbent paper tray liners helps facilitate the sterilization process by absorbing condensation
  • Made from a medical-quality paper – white, scrim reinforced tissue
  • Nonsterile
Catalog no. Description Dimension UOM
AT31019B Absorbent Tray Liner 23 x 19½ in.  (58 x 50cm) 50/bag; 8 bags/case

Transport tray

  • Intended to be used to support and transport trays wrapped with Cardinal Health™ Sterilization Wrap
  • Used as an aid to proper handling techniques of sterile packs
Catalog no. Description Inner dimension Outer dimension Qty UOM
TTSM Transport Tray, Small 11½ x 21½ in. 12 x 22¼ in. 5 EA/CS
TTLG Transport Tray, Large 16¼ x 26½ in. 16¾ x 27¼ in. 5 EA/CS

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