Surgical Drapes

Cardinal Health provides a complete selection of surgical drapes and ancillary products that offer patients and clinicians the protection they want and need.

Product Description

As an industry-leading manufacturer of surgical drapes,1 Cardinal Health provides a comprehensive selection of surgical drapes and ancillary products that offers patients and clinicians the protection they want and need.

Our surgical drape options in AAMI Level 3 and 42 are engineered to meet industry testing criteria. Product packaging is color-coded to indicated AAMI protection level.

Enhanced drape features include:

  • Royal blue color for SMS drape fabric
    • Helps reduce glare from operating lights
    • Provides color contract between drape fabric and reinforced areas for visual definition of critical zone
  • Standardized absorbent reinforcement material in critical zones
    • Creates a more consistent look, feel and experience for clinicians
  • Enahnced reinforcement sizing on select codes
  • Fabric anesthesia screen on select codes

Footnotes & references:
1 2015 GHX Data
2 AAMI Levels determined per ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012

Cardinal Health™ Surgical Drapes have a fresh look! And we want to share the exciting news with our customers.

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Cesarean Birth Drape with Clear Anesthesia Screen
Heavy Duty Shoulder Pack with Fluid Control Pouch

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