Cardinal Health™ Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains

Cardinal Health™ Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains

The Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drain portfolio offers:

  • Reservoirs and accessories
  • Silicone and PVC wound drains
  • 3spring reservoirs and accessories
  • Channel drains
  • Hemaduct® Wound Drain
  • Hemaduct® Cardiothoracic Drains and multiport connector
  • Penrose drains

Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains

Delivering high-quality, reliable products has allowed the Cardinal Health Jackson-Pratt® brand to become a trusted solution worldwide.

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Continuing Education

The Wound Drains Systems in Perioperative Nursing CE course provides a review of the basic principles of wound healing, outlines key wound assessment factors, shares best practices for wound care and introduces the various types of wound drains and drainage systems.