Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains

Delivering high-quality, reliable products has allowed the Cardinal Health Jackson-Pratt® brand to become a trusted solution worldwide.

Product Description

Jackson-Pratt® Flat Drains are made of a silicone elastomer for softness and flexibility, featuring:

  • Injection molded for strength and drain integrity
  • Low-profile, hubless design to help promote tissue plane approximation
  • Inner lumen ribbing to help prevent drain collapse and clogging and help preserve drain patency
  • Silicone that is barium impregnated for x-ray detection of drain

Jackson-Pratt® Silicone and PVC Round Drains

Jackson-Pratt® Round Drains are available in both silicone and PVC per physician preference and feature a radiopaque stripe running the entire length of the drain tubing for x-ray detection.

Jackson-Pratt® Silicone T-tube Drain

The Jackson-Pratt® Silicone T-tube Drain is indicated for hysterectomy and cholecystectomy and is soft and pliable.

The Jackson-Pratt® brand Hemaduct® Wound Drain is uniquely designed with a system of multiple ducts (channels) and lumens that are interconnected through a series of internal portals.

This advanced design offers the following advantages:

  • Provides suction and fluid flow over the entire drain
  • Provides alternate pathways around obstructions
  • Hemaduct® Drains are made of soft silicone and are available in round and flat styles, with or without a trocar

Penrose Drains

Our penrose drains are used to help promote drainage of a wound site.

These latex drains consist of a flexible rubber tube which is left inside the site of the surgery to help promote drainage of blood, lymph and other fluids to help reduce the risk of infection.

  • Uses gravity to draw fluids out along its surfaces into dressings
  • Safety pin provided may be used to prevent the drain from slipping back inside the wound
  • Sterile

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Continuing Education

The Wound Drains Systems in Perioperative Nursing CE course provides a review of the basic principles of wound healing, outlines key wound assessment factors, shares best practices for wound care and introduces the various types of wound drains and drainage systems.