Anatomic Pathology

As a leading provider of laboratory products and services, Cardinal Health is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the unique requirements and specifications of your laboratory. 



Select from a variety of general, tissue processing, and biopsy cassettes.

Coverslips, Cover Glass

Choose from a variety of consumables such as adhesive-backed film and glass and plastic coverslips.

Cytology Supplies

Choose from Cardinal Health’s broad Cytology offering including centrifuges, funnels, and disposable funnel clips.

Embedding Materials

Browse Cardinal Health’s extensive offering of paraffin, cassettes, base molds, and more.

Grossing Stations

Featuring a premium offering from Sakura Finetek.

Microtome Blades

Cardinal Health’s microtome blade portfolio includes industry-leading brands to help your lab produce consistent, high-quality sections.

Slide storage

Our storage lines keep your products organized and ready for use just when you need it.

Staining Accessories

Search our catalog of staining racks, jars, and dishes to fit your lab’s needs.

Tissue Processing Accessories

A variety of products are available to help with your tissue processing needs including paraffin, reagents, cassettes, biopsy bags, and marking pens.


Cardinal Health offers Film and Glass Coverslippers from Sakura Finetek.


Cardinal Health offers cryotomy instrumentation and an assortment of consumables from industry-leading brands.

Embedding Instruments

Choose the best fit for your lab with Cardinal Health’s portfolio of fully automated and manual embedding systems.

Grossing Accessories

Choose from a variety of product offerings including Cardinal Health Brand Prefilled Formalin Handipacks and Formaclick Prefilled Formalin Containers.

Histology Controls Calibrators

Select from a variety of control slides for histology and immunohistochemistry with designated areas for placement of positive control tissue and test (patient) tissue.

Lab Scalpels, Blades, and Knives

Cardinal Health offers a versatile lineup of scalpels, blades, and knives to help your lab keep up with the daily workflow.


Select from a variety of products to meet your sectioning needs including a fully automated microtome and a manually operated microtome.

Tissue Baths

Cardinal Health Brand Tissue Flotation Baths and Workstations help to eliminate wrinkles and distortion during preparation of embedded tissue sections.

Tissue Processors

During this critical step in the histology process, utilize the high-quality instrumentation portoflio available from Sakura Finetek.


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