Anatomic Pathology

Cytology Supplies

Disposable Cytology Funnels with Funnel Clips

These cytofunnels with disposable clip are fully compatible with the Shandon Cytospin Centrifuge and are a functional equivalent to the Shandon EZ Cytofunnel®.

Ultra Tissue Grinders

The pestle tips of these Ultra Tissue Grinders have been vitrified using a proprietary silica casting process. The result is a glass-like abrasive surface, which provides a more aggressive grinding action to enable efficient processing of difficult and fibrous samples.

Tissue Grinders

With these closed tissue grinder systems, you seal before grinding to minimize sample contact through aspirations and overflow. The abrasive surface is molded-in, so there’s no sandy sediment to obscure the sample. Systems include polypropylene tube, high-impact polystyrene pestle and tip and an antiroll HDPE cap.


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