Anatomic Pathology

Disposable Cytology Funnels with Funnel Clips

Product Description

These cytofunnels with disposable clip are fully compatible with the Shandon Cytospin Centrifuge and are a functional equivalent to the Shandon EZ Cytofunnel®. The plastic clips hold cytology funnels firmly against a microscope slide during the centrifugation process. These high-quality funnels can be used to deposit a thin layer of cells in a clearly defined area of a microscope slide. The single-use filter card effectively absorbs any excess fluid. Single funnel SP4200-598 includes brown filter card to facilitate slower absorption of sparse samples.

Reliable Performance – complete system is fully compatible for use with the Shandon Cytospin® centrifuge.

Easy to use – disposable clips offer reliable performance and improved efficiencies–eliminates the time required to sanitize
metal clips.

Savings – cytofunnels and clips are high quality and a lower cost alternative to other cytology funnel systems.

Cytospin and Cytofunnel are registered trademarks of Thermo Electron Corp.

Ordering Information

Funnel Clip

Cat. No. Description Qty.
CH4200-602 Disposable cytology funnel clip 50/pk

Single funnels

Cat. No. Description Qty.
SP4200-597 With white filter card 50/pk
SP4200-599 With white filter card, bulk pack 500/cs
SP4200-598 With brown filter card 50/pk

Double funnels

Cat. No. Description Qty.
SP4200-595 With white filter card 25/pk
SP4200-596 With white filter card, bulk pack 500/cs

Cytology funnels with clip

Cat. No. Description Qty.
SP597CLIP Single funnel with clip, white card 50/bx
SP598CLIP Single funnel with clip, brown card 50/bx
SP595CLIP Double funnel with clip, white card 25/bx

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