Anatomic Pathology


1.2mm Microscope Slides

Highly resistant to corrosion and moisture, these 1.2mm microscope slides are made of high-quality glass with edges that are ground smooth to help eliminate sharp cutting surfaces.

45° Corners Microscope Slides

These high-quality microscope slides are precleaned and feature 45° corners for ease of handling. Available with Superfrost® coating, plain or frosted on one end. Size: 25 x 75 x 1mm.

Economy Nonselect Microscope Slides

These plain and frosted microscope slides measure 25 x 75 x 1mm thick.

Fluorescent Slides

Designed for fluorescent antibody examination, these slides have two light frosted circles. The edges are completely ground to allow easy handling. Slides are 3 x 1 in. x 1mm thick.

Permafrost Microscope Slides

Manufactured from the highest quality glass, these Permafrost slides have a ¾ in. permanent tab for labeling and measure 25 x 75 x 1mm thick. Available in a variety of colors.

Premium-Grade Microscope Slides

These high-quality white glass microscope slides provide consistent results and allow easy reading. They are precleaned twice to help eliminate debris and improve wettability.

Superfrost® Plus and Colorfrost® Plus Slides

Superfrost Plus® and Colorfrost Plus® slides are made by a process that allows tissue sections to adhere better to the slide without the need for adhesives or protein coatings.

1mm Microscope Slides

These 1mm glass slides are extremely resistant to scratching, corrosion and fogging. Slides are precleaned and individually selected for uniform quality. Convenient dispenser box contains approximately 1/2 gross. Slides are 25 x 75mm.

Bev-L-Edge® Microscope Slides

Use these microscope slides for blood smears and all routine microscopy. All four edges are uniformly beveled to facilitate spreading blood evenly. Clean-packed, ready-to-use. 3 x 1 in. slides are 0.9 to 1mm thick.

Microscope Slides

These regular super white glass microscope slides are designed for routine experiments where no extra adhesion or no adaptability to auto-writers is required in histology-pathology, hematology, cytology, microbiology and etc., for blood liquid tests, frozen tissue section examinations, biological specimen preparation.

Polysine® Microscope Slides

The permanent adhesive material on these Polysine® slide attracts frozen tissue sections, paraffin embedded sections, cytocentrifuge preparations and cytology smears helping eliminate the need for extra adhesives or coating techniques.

Pusher Slides

Pusher slides are designed for hematology smears. Beveled edges and chamfered corners create a surface with uniform borders to aid in the determination of leukocyte distribution and facilitate more accurate white cell counts. Slides are 3 x 1 in. and 0.9 to 1mm thick. Packed ½ gross per box.

Superfrost® Plus Gold Slide

Superfrost® Plus gold slide is a specially designed adhesive slide that attracts and chemically bonds fresh or formalin-fixed frozen tissue sections to its surface.


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