Anatomic Pathology

Taped Biopsy and Histology Cassettes

Product Description
Taped Cassettes are easy to load on the Leica IPC Cassette Printer and Sakura Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer. Anterior writing area is at a 45° angle.
Ordering Information

Taped Biopsy Cassettes

Cat. No. Description Qty.
CH8087BB Blue 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8172BG Gray 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8174BG Green 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8045BP Pink 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8090BO Orange 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8086BW White 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8088BY Yellow 40/sl, 1,000/cs

Taped Histology Cassettes

Cat. No. Description Qty.
CH8119UA Aqua 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8118UB Blue 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8156UG Gold 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8180UGY Gray 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8120UG Green 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8153UL Lilac 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8155UO Orange 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8154UP Pink 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8170UT Tan 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8117UW White 40/sl, 1,000/cs
CH8157UY Yellow 40/sl, 1,000/cs
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