General Lab Equipment

Paper Towel Holders

Every lab has tissues and paper towels on hand for delicate task wipes or to wipe labware and clean spills.

Digital Dry Baths with Removable Hinged Lid

This next generation of digital dry baths offers advanced microprocessor controls and timed or continuous operation. They also feature a transparent, removable, hinged lid that helps promote better uniformity and less temperature stratification in the block by maintaining a warm air layer.

Mini Vortexer

With a 4mm orbit and fixed speed of 2800 rpm, this mini vortexer instantly vortexes even the largest samples, including nearly full 50mL tubes.

Multi-Head Mixer

More than your standard mixer, the unique head design features a traditional cup for general purpose mixing, plus holders for up to eight microcentrifuge tubes. A dynamic balanced drive system provides smooth vortexing action while minimizing noise and excessive vibration.


Lab Briefings Webinar Series

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