Dry-Cab Desiccator Storage Cabinets

Product Description
This family of Dry-Cab laboratory cabinets offers ideal space-saving storage units for materials that are sensitive to heat or moisture. Each Dry-Cab cabinet is made of sturdy acrylic and has an airtight seal around each door. The small, compact Dry-Cab Jr. cabinet has two slide-out shelves. The original Dry-Cab cabinet contains three removable shelves and provides ample internal storage space, measuring 9 x 9½ x 15½ in. The Dry-Cab Twin has two separate chambers, each measuring 7 x 9 x 15 in. Both chambers have two slide-out shelves. The Dry-Cab and Dry-Cab Jr. cabinets come with one container of regenerable desiccant; the Dry-Cab Twin cabinet includes two. For light-sensitive use, we offer amber color as well. All units may be ordered with a locking latch.
Ordering Information

Dry-Cab cabinets, 9½ x 10 x 16 (H x W x D) in.

Cat. No. Description Qty.
S1389-102 Amber cabinet 1/ea
S1389-101 Clear cabinet 1/ea
S1389-159 Clear cabinet with locklatch 1/ea

Dry-Cab Jr. cabinets, 7¼ x8 x 10 (H x W x D) in.

Cat. No. Description Qty.
S1389-104 Amber cabinet 1/ea
S1389-103 Clear cabinet 1/ea
S1389-158 Clear cabinet with locklatch 1/ea

Dry-Cab Twin cabinets, 14x 10 x 15 (H x W x D) in.

Cat. No. Description Qty.
S1389-106 Amber cabinet 1/ea
S1389-105 Clear cabinet 1/ea
S1389-160 Clear cabinet with locklatch 1/ea
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